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According to the independent verification certificate issued by Emex Trust, 4D Health is rated as a Level 2 - B-BBEE Contributor, with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level of 125%, and a Final B-BBEE Procurement Recognition of 156.25%.

In terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act, 4D Health is registered as a Financial Services Provider (FSP) with the Financial Services Board (FSB).

In terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 4D Health is also registered as a Health Broker with the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS).

All our health care consultants are registered with the Council of Medical Schemes in accordance with the Medical Schemes Act and are, therefore, qualified to give this advice in terms of the Act.

Furthermore, we use the services of an independent compliance officer for continuous monitoring, skills and systems development, examinations, and up-skilling of our staff. We also run various other programmes to ensure that we comply with the “fit and proper” requirements of the FAIS Act.


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